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One summer afternoon in 2019, we found ourselves chatting with a friend after a casual photoshoot along Manhattan's West Side Highway. "You two should start a business," he opined, adding: "I feel like I've discerned more about my goals in the past two hours than I did in six months of career counseling."

we knew our friend was on to something (despite the fact we're not career counselors!). In the midst of a transition from Broadway performer to musical theatre writer, he had sleuthed out our unique ingredients for content creation: a focus on authenticity, targeted strategy, and purposeful goals.

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When other artists and creatives started to contact us for original content to elevate their own digital visibility, we decided to seal the deal and launched Resolution Creative in January 2020 from our home base in Austin, TX. Ever since, we’ve proudly applied our singular approach on behalf of both individuals and organizations from across the creative spectrum. 

Whether you're an individual artist or a creative company, we can’t wait to dream big with you!

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