We look forward to meeting with you to design a strategic, customized plan for your new digital media suite. We'll discuss your goals and ideas, brainstorm content possibilities together, and set your shoot date. Soon, it’ll be time to take to the streets and hit the studio to capture your personalized photography and video content!

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At this stage, our process might involve the development of a customized brand style guide, mood boards and inspiration collages that set the tone for your shoot, or the creation of a digital focus group that helps us discern an effective storytelling strategy. Unique clients have unique needs, so we’ll chat together about what the best options might be for you.

Your shoot day is carefully tailored to the insights gained from our strategic consultation. We’ll alternate between capturing compelling video and stunning photography. Your shot list will take us to locations that pop, with an eye toward environments that authentically showcase your artistry and unique creative personality.

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This is your opportunity to take front and center, and we wouldn't have it any other way. So don't hold back. Jump in. Own the moment. We encourage our clients to be our creative partners whether we’re working inside or out. If you have a moment of inspiration as we shoot, we want to hear what you’re thinking. 

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Next Steps: Messaging & Delivery.

After your shoot day, our RC team will meticulously curate your photos and polish your video, so we’ve got everything we need to craft a slate of customized messaging. You've well-deserved rest! Shoot day takes a lot of energy, and you’ve delivered. It’s time to sit back and relax while we work our magic to edit and curate your final package. Then, before you know it, voila! Let the social media adventures begin.

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Your visual assets (photos and promo video) are delivered to you in digital format, along with our customized recommendations for your social messaging and verbal branding. Once you’ve had a couple of weeks to enjoy getting to know your new photos, promo video, and messaging recommendations, we’ll meet for a final consultation to help guide your use of these new goodies to transform your social channels.

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